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Hi, I'm Blair Pettrey. Your next digital marketing maven!

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My name is Blair Pettrey and I aim to help a company reach its fullest success and potential. As an extroverted, business savvy, creative thinker - whose been on every end of the totem pole and knows what it takes to move up - I am confident in any position that will lead to growth - so that together, we can soar to new limits.   Seasoned Digital Marketing & Growth Acquisition Guru; 9+ years of surpassing expectations and cultivating success.Here's the short and sweet of it; I don't make excuses, I make results. I have no time for failure, and no desire for shortcomings. I aim for complete market domination; I am your market's hunter, Your market's demonstrator, Your market's closer.I have proven strategic methods that lead to successful (beyond your wildest dreams)proliferation. Additionally, I'm capable of streamlining & perfecting already in place strategies that are currently being blundered. SEO/SEM ● Paid Per Click Advertising ● Backlinking ● Reputation Management ● Branding ● Total Market Domination ● Public Relations ● Media Strategy ● Media Creation ● Business Growth Strategy ● Social Media Marketing ● White Papers ● Start Ups ● Content Creation ● Marketing Material Design ● AWESOME SUCCESS

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Marketing, Networking, Public Speaking, Hiking, yoga, outdoors, photography, graphic design, friends, cultivating new relationships,

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